If you're not going to take care of your body & Mind.
Where are you going to live?

We Work with Truckers

This is a Personal Development Resource for Drivers to live their Mother Truckin’ GOOD Life!

Mission Statement: To respond to the needs of the trucking community by providing MOTOvating content that inspires positive behavior, one mile at a time.


Welcome Motovator!

There IS a way to live a healthy lifestyle on the road! One where every trip builds you and molds you into a better version of yourself. We are learning to do it, and we want you to come along! To deepen our understanding and build a better community for all of us out here on the highways.

MotoMe's current mission is to target the trucking industry to inspire healthy, positive change in America's often neglected truck drivers.

What Our MOTOvators Say

In order to pay you what this service has been worth to me, I'd have to rob a bank! I appreciate the two of you so much. I have seen great improvements not only in my joint pain, but also in mental well-being. I feel like I can actively do something to help with my health situation, instead of just feeling defeated by it. I can't thank you enough.

April T.

The most phenomenal teachers I've ever had. These two young women are so great, understanding and are so sensitive to know just how to meet you where you are. I highly recommend you give MotoMe a try!

Bari P.

I have sciatic nerve pain and have tried medications, injections, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustment, massage and acupuncture for relief.  But it is MOTObility yoga that is providing the most effective relief.

Fr. Jim M.

Great instructors who really take the time to make sure you are 'doing it right' without making you feel like you are 'doing it wrong.' Curious? Stop waiting!!

Amber B.

Genuinely care about your individual success.

Seneca B.

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