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The MOTOvators

Owners and Founders

Founded on May the 4th, 2016 we started MotoMe to be a resource for ambition-driven people, who want to improve their lives. We lived and experienced both the Veteran and over-the-road trucker lifestyles. We lived through all the core issues facing both of these communities, such as depression, loneliness, and physical pain. After personally growing through these issues we knew that we had to help others overcome them also.

There’s a gap in the wellness system not providing sustainable behavior change and personal development tools. We decided to become that resource.  It can be difficult obtaining goals for anyone, but for professional drivers and veterans it can be much more challenging. The amazing thing is that most veterans and truckers don't realize that they are already doing more than most! Meaning they are more MOTOvated and capable of living the life they desire.

We believe you have more to offer the community in service, leadership, and business skills than the average. We are passionate about getting veterans, truckers, and other ambition-driven people on track to unlock their fullest potential. We LOVE this. Everywhere we go we hear a variation of “you ladies are so full of energy and positivity,” and that’s because we have put in the work to develop ourselves and have a passion about this! We’ve Committed our lives to the study & coaching of personal development in every aspect. We are MOTOvated to serve you. We are excited to succeed alongside you.



CEO & Motovator

Before starting MotoMe, I was a professional OTR (over the road) truck driver and prior to that, I was in the United States Marine Corps and deployed twice. I was raised an Army-brat. My father's service blessed me with many cultural experiences. All that moving around helped me become social and independent. I’ve studied business, psychology, biology, leadership, fitness, and personal development for the past 14 years. I'm an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Transformation Life Coach.



CCO & Motovator

I'm a Vetrepreneur (Veteran-entrepreneur) who's found a life-mission to MOTOvate those around me to become and create value and happiness in their lives. I co-founded MotoMe, in 2016. I’ve studied education, business, leadership, health & wellness, and personal development, for the past 11 years. I'm an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & Transformation Life Coach. I'm passionate about learning the wisdom of all the great minds of our world. Further, to teach & use that knowledge to reach our highest of ambitions in life.

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