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Jul 26 2021

What are the Implications of Body Fat? (Overweight, Underweight, Prevention &ย Disease)

Implications of Underweight, Overweight, & Obese On Our Health There are risks when it comes to managing weight. Being underweight is a concern because excessively underweight people are more at risk to die from starvation. They lack body fat and nutrient reserves which can lead to extreme deterioration and death especially when trying to combat sickness …

What are the Implications of Body Fat? (Overweight, Underweight, Prevention &ย Disease) Read More »

Jul 26 2021

How have Food Portions Changed Over Time and How Can We Portionย Control?

Change in Food Portion Sizes Over Time Research data indicates that U.S. food portion size has continuously increased since the 1970s and is greater than the federal dietary guidance standard. Multiple causes can be attributed to this increase. 1.) The food service industry has grown more prominent, and people eat out more, 2.) Marketing has become …

How have Food Portions Changed Over Time and How Can We Portionย Control? Read More »

Jul 26 2021

Should We Eat Carbohydrates andย Fiber?

Importance to Our Health Fiber, the indigestible part of plant foods (Sizer & Whitney, 2017), helps maintain bowel health by helping to add bulk to stool and absorbing water. Fiber helps decrease the chance of constipation. Carbohydrates play a significant role in energy for the body, but that is not their only function (Sizer & Whitney, …

Should We Eat Carbohydrates andย Fiber? Read More »

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Trucker Kendra on How to Earn a Master’s Degree Over-the-Road

We had the honor to interview a highly MOTOvated individual. Kendra, is a reginal full-time truck driver, a United States Veteran, and last week she earned her Master’s of Divinity while on the road! She discusses key strategies that helped her accomplish her goal, and how she overcame the challenges that the trucking lifestyle presents. What course load should you take? Do you have a support system? How will you care for yourself while out on the road? Got WiFi? Got humility? Listen now!

Live MOTOvated!!

E5: That Trucking wrist pain

We focus on what the research suggests about improving wrist health as a trucker, starting the new direction of our podcast and preparing for our new website launch!

E4: Goals, Commitment & finding your GOLDEN GIRL Squad

Thank you for listening find as @motomelife on FB and IG @motmelife or check us out on our website SEND IN TOPICS ON PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT YOU’D LIKE FOR US TO TALK ABOUT NEXT This episode will welcome back Mr. James Bonds of to speak on long term vs short term goals starting with believing in your ability to make a change figure out your long term goal, then break it down to small goals build confidence and self efficacy soft commitments vs hard commitments create an environment for success, including finding your GOLDEN GIRL FRIENDS that can be your referee to hold you accountable to your goals

E3: MotoMeBooks: Managing Oneself Peter Drucker

Personal development is learning to MANAGE ONESELF. In his short book of the same title, Peter Drucker writes “we have to learn to develop ourselves, and place ourselves where we can make the greatest contribution.” In today’s podcast we dive in into this small book and consider for ourselves: 1.) What are your strengths? 2.) How do you preform? 3.) How do you learn? 4.) What are your values? 5.) Where do you belong? 6.) What should I contribute? #motomelife Text us! (417) 719-1432

E2: Starting Personal Development with Core Values

Key Take Aways

Pick 15 core values that #Motovate you keeping in mind how you grew up and your life experiences. Think about which ones you take actions on in real life. Narrow the list down to 2-3 CORE Values.
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To find Mr. James Bonds

E1: What to look for in a Life Coach

Key Takeaways: 1.) Know what kind of coach you need 2.) Know what your coach’s teaching style is 3.) You can go to a coach that might not be the right one for you but still be referred to a better suited Coach for you 4.) A coach isn’t a friend, and you don’t want that 5.) Is your circle of friends holding you back?

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