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MotoMe Life Podcast

We started the MotoMe Life podcast and uploaded our first episode! It’s a great segment on what to look for in a life coach.  We are joined by James Bonds who has been working as a life coach  for over 10 years. He’s served clients from coast to coast in the United States and James specializes in working with business executives and teams.

What to look for in a life coach episode talks about

1.) Understanding what kind of coach you need as an individual
2.) Recognizing different types of coaches, styles of teaching and which is best for you.
3.) Making sure your coach has a mentor also.
4.) “A coach isn’t a friend, and you should be glad about that.”
5.) How to have and why to have, great friendships. 

How to reach us

Reach MotoMe Life for personal development here.
Follow on social media @motomelife; facebook
Reach Coach James Bonds at WellDrivenLife follow on social media@welldrivenlife

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