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MotoMe Lifestyle?

An Approach to the Science-of-Success adapted for Truckers over-the-road

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Build Total Wellness & Personal Development while Trucking

Life Mapping Personal Development for truckers

Life Mapping

  • 5 Areas of Life
  • SMART Goals
  • Personal Purpose

A trip without a roadmap is like a life without a plan! Discover where you are, and where you want to go.

Learn the route you want to take to build your Truckin’ GOOD Life! This is the BIG IDEA, the building block and foundational concept of all personal movement, momentum, and journey of the MotoMe Life; of the MOTOvated Lifestyle. Embrace a life over-the-road that fulfills in every area of life! Seek to include those habits and goals in your route everyday!

Functional Fitness

  • Calisthenics
  • Trucker-able on-the-road
  • Myofascial Release

Fitness from the drivers' seat: Applying MOTObility Movement, so you can move & drive pain free.

Fitness adapted to your life is 'Functional.' We know the trucking industry is not built around health, so how do we purposefully adapt? That's what we are testing and creating content around. Functional Fitness includes all things Physical Health, mobility, flexibility, strength, and biochemistry. Ideally, it seeks to reduce or eliminate body pain, increase overall movement, and boost personal energy, longevity, and happiness.

Function Fitness Personal Development for truckers
Healthy Eating Personal Development for truckers

Healthy Eating

  • Nutrition
  • Biochemical Balance (Happy Brain)
  • Food on Truck
  • Fasting

When you feel better you’ll eat better. Losing weight starts with what you feed your mind.

You know eating healthier is important. Unhealthy eating causes issues like cardiovascular disease, weight gain, emotional imbalance, fatigue, diabetes, and poor quality sleep, to name a few. We share basics you can use in your own life, and how we apply it to trucking over-the-road, such as: Evolving your eating habits from eating fast truck-stop convenience foods to preparing healthy food on your truck, understanding nutrition labels, and discerning which foods best meet your health goals.
We are out here doing it with you, so we understand those times after you've finished a full drivetime and you're exhausted. We know what it takes to drive without snacking and how to apply fasting to your weekly meal plan. Learn strategies to cultivate the will, discipline, and desire to fuel your body in a healthy way, intentionally.

Developing Drive

  • Time Management
  • MOTOvation
  • Productivity
  • Discipline

Driven for Success: Develop skills & learn strategies for happiness over-the-road.

“Success...comes to those who know themselves, their strengths, their values, and how they best perform” - Peter Drucker. Discover how to take advantage of downtime, what productive means to you, where your strengths and areas of opportunity ride. Understand how you learn and communicate with others, what inspires and MOTOvates you. Become a MOTOvator and develop the endurance it takes to live your ultimate vision.

Developing Drive Personal Development for truckers
Habit Shifting Personal Development for truckers

Habit Shifting

  • Quitting smoking
  • Quality Sleep
  • Financial Health
  • Emotional IQ

Shift your life in high gear. “The very best thing you can do for the whole word is become the greatest version of yourself.” - Wallace Wattles

Habits are small actions you take consistently to accomplish larger objectives. We've learned that a "normal" hour-by-hour routine schedule is not possible over the road, but what we can do is apply daily habits during the day at-some-point, every day. We used to try building habits for all the things we wanted all at once. We would write them all down, and for a week or two, could keep it up. But then we would miss a day here, two days there, and soon quit them all feeling frustrated, and our inner self-talk became destructive. Once we learned to build one habit at a time and the power of exponential growth, we saw true behavior change and positive momentum in our lives over-the-road.

We share how to enhance your life on truck by building habits like: quitting smoking, improving quality of sleep, saving money, smart reading, time management, Self-reflection/feedback, and more.

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